Shabbos Blessing- Week 9

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Boy oh boy oh boy has it been a week. I, along with rabbinical students from RRC and 3 other institutions, just got back from an overnight trip down south. Yesterday at this time I was prepping for a float in the Dead Sea. Today at this time I am currently triple-tasking as I write this blogpost, think in the back of my brain about tomorrow’s d’var that I’m giving at a Reconstructionist service I’ll be co-leading with the other RRC students here, and cooking a dish to bring to a shabbat lunch potluck tomorrow after said service. And all this before shabbat comes in crazy early because we moved to daylight savings last weekend. Boy oh boy oh boy I will be happy when it is tomorrow afternoon.

IMG_8236 (1).jpg

Here– have a picture of the Old City, taken Wednesday morning, which I will most definitely write about sometime very soon.

This week’s blessing comes from my very first college friend. We met at a pre-orientation trip in the Minnesota Boundary Waters and have been buddies ever since. His blessing came in the form of a JPEG with commentary, and it surprises me not at all.

2016-09-07 18.26.04 (1).jpg

“As you go, know that your ancestors are watching your steps and smiling. When you reach out your hand in a strange place, may it be nuzzled by a friendly cat. As you go, know that you have made this journey before, and that you will make it again. May there be moments of peace and clarity along the way. As you go, know that you will return. When you have gone, we will be waiting to welcome you back. May our songs come faintly to your ears as you wander. Here, now, we send you on your way: as you journey, so we all journey with you.”—Pelakuwe departure blessing (traditionally chanted with flute and drum accompaniment at the end of the departure feast)


Today, for the first time since arriving in Israel, I succeeded in picking up a cat. This one happened to be Bedouin. We only got to cuddle for 10 seconds before she protested and I put her down, but nonetheless, I’m pretty pleased. And I get to hang with these friendly kittens every day at school:


Ok. The shabbat warning siren just went. I got words to prep, torah reading to memorize, food to cook, and a service to get to in the next 40 minutes. Gotta go. Shabbat Shalom. Go Cubs. More later.


One thought on “Shabbos Blessing- Week 9

  1. As you go, know that your non-Jewish New England ancestor will be watching your steps and smiling all the days of your life. He loved you and loves you so very much, and he was always so proud of you!


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