Shabbos Blessing- Week 17

It’s Hanukkah. That alone would make this week special.


Night 1 in Tzion Square

Hanukkah means amazing donuts.


Thank you, Roladin!

It means lovely dinners with friends and their hanukkiot.


It means giant outdoor candle lightings.


It means breaking in my little Jerusalem-bought hanukkiah.


But most importantly, it means time with my family, who flew halfway across the world to spend the end of Hanukkah with me.


It is almost shabbat, and it is Hanukkah, and I get to share both with these people I love so much. This week’s blessing doesn’t require words. It’s right here.


Mom, Dad, and Marzipan rugelach


One thought on “Shabbos Blessing- Week 17

  1. Marzipan rugulach! Is that really Israeli! (Marzipan, by the way, comes from Lubeck, where Laurie lives.)
    So happy for you and your parents, together to celebrate the holidays. Happy Hanukah!
    Grandma Doris


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