Shabbos Blessing- Week 22

I’m back! Sorta. In fact, I’m about 10 minutes from flinging myself out the door and throwing myself towards Jerusalem for shabbat. I’m writing this from my desk in Jaffa in my new apartment, which I absolutely LOVE. Here’s a picture from my balcony!


I cannot wait to write all about it and all about my travels and all about many things. But, right now, that will have to wait, because tomorrow morning is the monthly RRC Shabbat Service and that means being in Jerusalem instead of here. Next week, I am excited to have a much more relaxed Friday. For now, I leave you with this week’s blessing, which comes from a friend and classmate and soon-to-be rabbi at RRC! It’s fitting that this shows up when I’m about to head down to Jerusalem, since it’s a lot more Jerusalem than Tel Aviv-centric! And, just generally speaking, it’s awesome and I love it. She wrote:

A blessing in the form of an Italian sonnet!

The German Colony… almost like home?
Gathering besamim for havdalah
Hiking up hills close by and very far
Study in chevrutah; also alone
Cafe americano and a scone
The child-filled tachanat rishonah
Sing “Min hametzar karati Yah”
Facing whichever way is the dome
I hope that you can find a way to feel
Yourself and safe and held and always free
I know it can be hard sometimes to deal
With all the ways people want you to be
The only thing that matters and that’s real
Is doing this with love/integrity!

How can I help but adore this? I too hope that I can find…

A way to feel myself and safe and held and always free, and I think that for that Yafo is the place to be. And I am excited to see the ways there will be to be free in this city by the sea that for the next four months will be home for me.

I wish I had time for more but I must fly, for the sun is creeping to the west of the sky, and the sunlight will die, and candle-lighting is nigh, and for now I must bid each of you swift goodbye.




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