Shabbos Blessing- Week 24

“This is a comfortable rain,” I told myself as my socks squelched in my boots and drops from my backpack’s rain cover got into the top of my jeans. “It isn’t too hot or too cold. This is a comfortable rain,” I told myself as I watched my pants and boots grow steadily darker. “This is really good for the plants, and the rainy season will be over soon,” I told myself as I finally got indoors, shaking off my umbrella and momentarily miserable about the lack of heat. “This is a temporary state. I will get dry,” I told myself as I managed to peel off my raincoat and sit. I was wet from the waist down. I had a full day of class ahead. I told myself to be glad, but it wasn’t easy.

Poor Noah.

The ark, after all, can’t really have been dry. Even if it was dry enough to be seaworthy, the humidity alone must have been awful. It wears you down. How did he manage to keep his spirits up as long as he did? I mean, I guess when it comes down to it he didn’t have a lot of choice if he wanted to get through it. Maybe that’s why we tell that story. All I know is that extended rain makes me cranky.  Maybe, if I were somebody who grew up in London or Seattle or another “rainy days are normal days” kinda place, I wouldn’t be so downtrodden, but as things stand, the straight five days of rain this week made me pretty miserable. And, to top it off, sick.

Yesterday, I was supposed to go on a trip to Lod with a bunch of other rabbinical students. Instead, I sat on my couch going through endless tissues and cups of tea. Today, it’s much the same, but my throat has stopped hurting and I’ve started coughing. I know it’s just a cold, but it really does put a damper on things. At least the rain is gone for now.

This week’s blessing comes from a choir friend, and it’s definitely appropriate for a sick day. He wrote:

May you cherish this time on the best days and on the most challenging days, too. May you build strong and lasting relationships with those who are also in this Ark. May you continue to have safety and adventure in your experiences.

It’s not exactly easy to cherish this time when I feel half awake and gross and am nearly out of tissues. Nevertheless, I am trying to get something out of this day. I’m glad for the calm of my apartment and the (at least for today) endless supply of tea. I’m glad that tonight is shabbat and tomorrow is shabbat and therefore I don’t have to go anywhere until Sunday. But, like I said, it’s supposed to be sunny for a while now, and that means that I can be safely PJ-bound for now and adventuresome with my new community in Yafo soon enough!


[Insert mermaid here]


2 thoughts on “Shabbos Blessing- Week 24

  1. Rain, rain everywhere
    From shoes to hair
    Books turned to plop
    When will it ever stop…

    But the grass is as green as spring
    Trees promise leaves in abundance
    Birds and bees and bugs on wings
    Are preparing for their debut dance

    Water –the source of creation (according to the Hindu theology)
    We welcome you.


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