Shabbos Blessing- Week 30

30 weeks.

I’ve been here for 30 shabbats. This shabbat, for the first time, I know when my first shabbat in America will be. I have a ticket home for June 2nd. I’ll be flying from Tel Aviv to Paris, from Paris to Reykjavik, and from Reykjavik to San Francisco. It’s going to be a very, very long day. My first flight takes off at 1 AM, and I get to SFO at 8:30 PM. Only I’m gaining time as I go, so it’s actually some obscene number of hours. I’ll get myself a pastry in CDG though, so I can’t really complain.

I have to say, I’m really glad to be flying into California. I love the idea of my first steps in the USA after 9 months away being in my favorite city and the place that feels most like home. I’m glad to be going through customs there instead of in Chicago or New York or some other hub.

There really is so much to say. It’s been weeks since I offered up a substantial post, and I feel badly about that. A lot a lot has been happening. Mostly very good. Mostly very interesting. Perhaps next week I’ll actually finish one of the several drafts I’ve started.

Generally, my time over the last week has been occupied with revamping the Hamilton Haggadah that my friend Jake and I wrote last year. We’ve been adding bunches of new songs, introducing a baby social media presence, and working away on formatting and the like. We’ve even got a tiny bit of press! Anyway, fun as that’s been it’s meant that my writing brain has been super busy and super not focused on all of this.

This week’s blessing is my ticket home. As excited as I am to get everything possible out of the remainder of my time here, it’s really meaningful to know that, at the end of this stretch, there’s a definite time of return to rest of my life. Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 6.21.07 PM.png

This week, I plan to walk to the beach for erev shabbat (shabbat evening). I’ll stand by the sea and watch the sun drift west. I may bring a siddur (prayerbook) or perhaps I’ll only bring myself. It’s been getting incredibly beautiful these days, and it’s only getting warmer from here. IMG_1122.jpg



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