Things that Stay and Things that Go- Jaffa Edition

40 weeks became 40 days. 40 days became 40 hours. And now, I am down to even less time than that. Tomorrow night around now, I will be either on my way to or at the airport. Two days from now (“days” being used in the Genesis-Chaper-1-not-necessarily-24-hours sense due to flight and time zones), I’ll be in California. I am more than ready. I’m about 85% packed. There are a few things still out: laptop, aeropress, hammock– the essentials, you know– but most of my things are nestled into a suitcase and backpack and purse. If the people at the bag drop are kind and/or my bag makes the weight cut, I won’t even need to check my smaller bag as a carry-on because it’ll fit snugly inside the suitcase. But I feel like the chances of my bag clocking in at under 20 kg are slim.


So, harkening back to my packing list from early September, and my updated packing list from my move up to Jaffa, I give you an edited, updated, and probably incomplete list:

Things Packed:

  • Clothes for summer
  • Floppy hat
  • (New) sunglasses
  • Sneakers
  • Chacos
  • Blundstones (aka Israel’s official unofficial shoe)
  • Hammock
  • Water bottle covered in with the remnants of a couple of stickers
  • Big purse
  • Little purse
  • Several knitting projects
  • 1 bag of assorted toiletries
  • 2 1 toothbrush
  • 1 half-used  mostly-used travel-sized tube of organic toothpaste
  • Many A couple 1 half-used tube of burt’s bees lip balm
  • 2 expired epi-pens
  • Many A few hairbands
  • 1 2 boxes ziplock bag of of vanilla sleepytime assorted Israeli herbal teas
  • Aeropress
  • Jedi mug out of which to drink said coffee
  • 1 small bag of za’atar
  • 1 envelope of Very Important Papers/Documents
  • 2 reusable grocery bags
  • 1 siddur
  • Alanna: The First Adventure
  • The Blue Day Book
  • Many Jewish texts
  • Cards and letters from folks back home
  • Notebooks
  • Journal
  • Far too many  Not enough  A few writing implements
  • Kindle
  • Laptop
  • Headphones
  • Phone
  • Many chargers and adaptors
  • Several kinderegg toys
  • 1 small stuffed moose, 1 small stuffed dragon, and 1 eucalyptus pod
  • 1 2 1 tallit, 2 3 2 kippot, and 1 set of tefilin
  • 1 mezuzah
  • 1 set of shabbat candle holders


Things sent home with visitor from the States 2 months ago:  

  • Clothes for winter
  • Raincoat
  • 2 sets of tzitzit
  • 1 tallis
  • 1 siddur
  • 1 box of assorted jewelry
  • Hiking boots
  • 1 reusable grocery bag
  • 3-liter camelback not covered in stickers
  • Sleeping bag
  • Many Jewish texts


Things Left Behind: 

  • sorta smushed flats
  • flip flops 
  • 2 bags of worn out clothing
  • 1 mostly-used tube of overpriced sunscreen
  • bags of cumin, curry powder, and cayenne
  • PartiallyMostly-used containers of red miso paste, soy sauce, and sriracha
  • 1 barely-used half-used bag of flaxseed meal
  • many toiletries 
  • various chocolate delights
  • 4 oz of ground coffee
  • 1 reusable grocery bag
  • 1 ziplock bag full of ziplock bags
  • Umbrella
  • The Lonely Planet: Israel and the Palestinian Territories 



I’ll have more to say soon– probably tomorrow before I leave, in fact. But at the moment it is relatively late and I am relatively tired, and I have one more night in my Israeli bed to take advantage of. Tomorrow I sleep in the air (and I don’t mean in my hammock, although that would be way more comfortable than my seat on the plane).


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